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Concord Concrete Contractors

Concrete Contractor Concord CA

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Welcome to Concord Concrete Contractors! If you are looking for a concrete company you have come to the right place. We can cater for all of your concrete and cement needs wherever you are in Concord, CA. Concrete is a wonderful building supply that can deliver outstanding results for all of your building and home requirements. It is extremely weather resistant and is perfect for a new concrete driveway or patio to name but two. There are many other practical uses that will provide many years of great service, with virtually no maintenance required. Call us today, whatever your concreting requirements are.

About Us

Based in the beautiful State of California, in the great City of Concord. We have established ourselves as the number one Concrete supplier in the area. Our dedication to providing the finest customer service is second to none! We know that by delivering the very best concreting installation and concrete repair will see our great name flourish. We love Concord and we love to deliver an outstanding service throughout the city. From a concrete wall to a driveway repair, every job is equally important to us. Every project will always be carried out to the highest possible standards.

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    Our Services

    No matter what you are looking to achieve Concord Concrete Contractors can provide it! Maybe you are looking for a fresh supply of pouring concrete for your own use, or the installation of a brand new set of concrete stairs. We have the answer! We also offer a full range of decorative concrete that is perfect for a beautiful concrete patio or paving. Polished concrete floors, and of course, stamped concrete are amongst our specialties. We are also one of the leading cement companies to be found anywhere in Contra Costa County, and indeed Concord, CA.

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    Stamped Concrete

    If you are looking to create a stunning look for your new pool deck, concrete patio or driveway, stamped concrete is a great choice. We can perfectly recreate the look of natural slate or stone paving slabs at a fraction of the cost. Once the pouring concrete has been laid we can imprint the surface to deliver a beautiful concrete finishing effect. Stamped concrete is extremely strong and resilient as well as being highly decorative.

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    Driveway Paving

    For many people in Concord looking for a new driveway, driveway paving has become their first choice. Not only does it provide a stunning first view of your home, it is also capable of easily bearing the weight of your family vehicles. We can supply and install a wide range of driveway paving slabs, in a variety of colors and materials. We can also increase the strength of your driveway paving with professionally installed concrete curbing.

    I had contacted several companies in Concorde to provide quotes for a concrete foundation for my new garden office. It was only a small area and the quotes seemed expensive! Your quote was far more reasonable! The job you delivered was amazing. Quick, and a very courteous service! I would definitely use you again! A.W – Concord, CA.

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    ​Concrete Patio

    We have been providing new concrete patios for many years. Concrete is a fantastic option due to its solid and hard wearing nature. Stamped or polished concrete will also deliver a great looking place to enjoy the sunshine. A concrete patio is a great place for you and your family to hang out. From a small backyard area to the grandest of gardens, concrete patios are a great choice to provide a beautiful addition to your property.

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    Concrete Floor

    A concrete or cement floor is extremely suitable for many purposes, both industrial and residential. It provides an extremely hard wearing surface, and when laid professionally will not give way under heavy weights. This makes it an ideal choice for garage floors or driveways, and many commercial business needs. A factory floor for example is likely to receive heavy footfall, a concrete floor will easily withstand this for many years, even many decades!

    My pool deck was getting old and needed replacement. My friend suggested concrete would be a good option. Your team were very helpful and talked me through all the options. I decided on a stamped concrete design. It looks beautiful and is very slip resistant. Thank you. O.T – Concord, CA.

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    Concrete Slab

    Concrete slabs can be laid in many depths to provide a strong and stable concrete floor. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your new concrete slab is the correct thickness to withstand the weight of any potential vehicles or machinery. Your new concrete slab can also be reinforced with metal meshing or even steel bars to deliver the ultimate strength. Concord Concrete Contractors can supply the perfect concrete slab that is built to last.

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    Concrete Repair

    Concrete is one of the strongest construction materials available. But like all materials it can deteriorate over time. A small concrete retaining wall or even a large concrete walkway can all develop problems under the wrong conditions. A concrete repair service will often be the most cost effective solution. We can also provide expert concrete paving and driveway repair that will see the issue resolved for many years. Whatever the concrete structure is, we can repair it!

    The concrete wall in my back yard was looking like it was in danger of falling. You guys inspected it and recommended repair, it was fully reinforced and repaired. Saving me the expense of a full replacement. Very honest service! – K.M – Concord, CA.

    Call Us Today

    Whatever your concrete repair or building needs are we can offer you the perfect advice. Our team of expert concreting consultants are waiting for your call! We can also offer you a free quote, naturally with no obligation attached. Call us on the telephone number provided throughout our website, or simply email us. The contact us form is also a great option to get in touch. We will be delighted to hear from you and look forward to providing you with a full and provisional service at a sensible price.