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Concrete Floor

smoothing out the floor

A concrete floor is an excellent choice if you are looking for an extremely hard wearing surface to last a lifetime. When professionally installed and sealed it will require no care at all, apart from keeping it clean. It is also very difficult to damage accidently, even dropping a heavy weight is likely to have no impact on its structure. A concrete floor will also be pet and child resistant to damage. Polished concrete floors can add the finishing touches to many commercial areas as well as adding to the durability. Also highly suitable for many residential applications to provide a solid base that can be carpeted or tiled if you choose.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Flooring

The City of Concord has a lot of industrial and commercial operations. Storage depots and factories alike all have the need for a strong flooring provision. A concrete floor can withstand the pressure and weight of any heavy plant machinery. Many businesses use fork lifts all day long, a standard wooden floor won’t last very long in this situation. A concrete floor will have no problem! Our initial consultation will always look to establish what type of traffic or machinery your concrete floor is likely to experience. We can then provide expert advice on the suitable thickness to be laid.

Important Preparation before Pouring a Concrete Floor

Before any concrete floor is laid it is essential to ensure all the groundwork is done. A solid foundation is crucial to achieve a concrete floor that can last in excess of 100 years. Anything that is likely to decay over time must be fully removed before, if they are left they are likely to create pockets in the ground. This can cause the foundation to sink and lead to cracks forming in the concrete. All of our concrete contractors know that preparation is key to delivering the perfect job, and that it is an area that can never be overlooked!

Laying a Perfect Concrete or Cement Floor

Once the foundations and required depth have been established it’s now time to lay your new concrete floor. If required the desired area can be measured and boarded to prevent any concrete from escaping. Pouring concrete can now be delivered. Once in place it will then be leveled, smoothed and left to harden. In hot environments we will prevent the concrete from drying too quickly by adding moisture as it dries. Once your concrete or cement floor has fully set it can now be protected with a high quality sealant. We know all of the best methods to deliver a durable concrete floor that will be used by many generations to come.

Concrete Walkway

Many concrete walkways receive heavy footfall, a strong and resilient concrete floor will be needed to deal with this. Damaged walkways can pose a danger to the public and should be avoided at all cost! For a new build, or a walkway repair, we are the perfect choice wherever you are in Concord, CA.

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