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Concrete Patio

flattening the concrete

When looking for a new or replacement patio there are several choices to be made. How long will it last? How much care will it need? Which design do I want? Not forgetting of course, how much will it cost? A concrete patio can provide very appealing answers to all of these questions making it an excellent choice. Polished or stamped concrete can be chosen to give your new patio that extra feel of luxury. We have installed a wide range of beautiful concrete patios to our many satisfied customers all over Concord, CA. We offer a highly competitive pricing structure whilst still delivering the very finest of quality. Call one of our dedicated team of consultants to discuss all of your concrete patio wishes. We are sure that you will like what you hear!

How long will a Concrete Patio last with the correct Maintenance?

A concrete patio is definitely a low maintenance option, simply keeping it clean is all that will be needed throughout the year. Once your new concrete patio has completely dried it should be treated with a sealant to protect it from water absorbency. This should be repeated every few years to maintain this protection. Concord Concrete Contractors can offer you this service. With the correct and minimal care, your concrete patio should remain in perfect condition for anywhere up to 50 years. A concrete patio is also extremely resilient to weed growth, unlike some other styles!

Concrete Patio Design Choices

Your patio area should be a space to relax, or maybe enjoy the occasional party or family gathering. A beautifully designed patio will certainly aide this experience. Thankfully there is now a great range of decorative concrete choices available. By adding a concrete dye to the surface of the wet concrete we can perfectly match or compliment your surroundings, or simply create a color to suit your personal taste. With a stamped concrete patio we can recreate the looks of a far more expensive natural stone or slate patio. A polished concrete patio will also create an impressive feature for your home or business.

How much does a Concrete Patio cost?

As with all building projects the price of a concrete patio will vary dependent on the size of the area to be covered, as well as any required extra features. Creating a stunning patio using poured concrete is however, undoubtedly a highly cost effective choice. Concord Concrete Contractors can provide you with an estimate that we are sure will satisfy your needs!

Concrete Retaining Wall

A great addition for many concrete patios is a concrete retaining wall. These can be built at various heights to create a segregated area from your main garden. A raised patios integrity will also be enhanced with a solid and sturdy concrete retaining wall. These can also look beautiful and both can be either polished or concrete stamped. For a raised patio concrete steps can also be built to grant easy access to your garden.

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