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Concrete Slab

putting the concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are commonplace in many of the buildings in Concorde, CA. They are extremely strong and offer cost effective solutions for many building constructions. When used as ceilings or flooring in apartment buildings they can provide excellent sound proofing from your noisy neighbors! For flooring a thicker and reinforced concrete slab can easily cope with heavy weight loads such as trucks and factory machinery. Many outdoor areas are also suitable for utilizing a concrete slab. A garden office, outhouse, or even a small BBQ area can all be fully serviced with a concrete slab. These can be installed relatively quickly and will cause you the minimum of disruption possible.

Garage Flooring

One of the most popular choices for garage flooring is a concrete slab. It offers a quick installation process that delivers outstanding structural strength. It is very often the first stage of a new build garage. By laying the concrete slab first you will be able to build your new garage on the perimeter of the slab. This will provide an excellent support for the concrete walls and overall weight of your new garage. Many of us have heavy equipment stored in our garages, a correctly installed concrete slab will bear the pressure with ease. The weight of your vehicles should also be taken into account, a large 4X4 is likely to be far heavier than a standard family car. We have the knowledge to provide you with a concrete slab that is more than adequate to meet your needs!

How thick should my Concrete Slab be?

In order to provide strength most concrete slabs should be a minimum of 4 inches deep, thinner options are unlikely to be strong enough and may crack under pressure. Four inches is perfectly sufficient to deal with most weight loads. If heavier weights are anticipated then the depth of your concrete slab can be increased to around 6 inches, or even further.

Should Rebar or Reinforcement always be included?

For most domestic and commercial purposes reinforcement will not normally be required, a well delivered concrete slab is extremely sturdy and will withstand high daily usage. If your concrete slab is likely to experience excessive weight, concrete reinforcement should be considered. We can provide a thick concrete slab with infused steel bars in the center to create the ultimate strength. Wire steel mesh can also provide increased strength for slightly lighter needs.

House Building or Extensions

If you are looking to build a new home or add an extra room a concrete slab is a great starting point (after the foundations have been established). No matter how large your planned building project is we can provide a single, or series of concrete slabs to establish a perfect base. Single rooms to a full new housing development, we have the experience and knowhow. Whether your job is a small home improvement or a large commercial building project we can deliver you with the perfect concrete slab to fully meet your needs.

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