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Driveway Paving

house with drive way

All driveways have a life span no matter how well they were installed. Exposure to the elements and heavy traffic will all eventually take its toll. If your driveway is reaching the end of its life, driveway repair may no longer be a viable solution. A professionally installed new driveway will likely be the greatest option, and driveway paving should certainly be considered. Concord Concrete Contractors can create a stunning new driveway using a wide selection of driveway paving slabs. Sure to bring a great new look to your property! We can inspect your old driveway and offer honest advice as to whether driveway repair is still a sensible choice. If not we can provide excellent consultation to help you choose the best driveway paving for you.

Concrete Driveway or Driveway Paving?

Both are excellent choices and will provide many years of limited maintenance. Concrete driveway paving slabs will provide the benefits of both styles. They now come in many attractive designs, sizes and colors. Contrasting colors can also be laid to form interesting patterns or checkered grids. Stamped concrete paving is also a great way to add a bit of style to your driveway. A concrete driveway can also be a very pleasing sight, for example, polished concrete will lift the appearance of your driveway to a new level.

Maintenance of your Driveway Paving

An expertly installed paved driveway will provide many years of great service with very little need for maintenance. All new driveway paving should be treated with a waterproof and stain coating, this can be included within our service. This coating should be reapplied every several years to ensure your paved driveway remains fully protected against rain and snow etc. We can provided this service for you whenever the time is right. Other than that you will just need to keep it clean and swept.

Commercial Driveway Paving

The public perception of your business can be hugely influenced by the appearance of your premises and can even be make or break! A crumbling or damaged driveway will not deliver a good first impression. Whereas a beautifully installed paved driveway is guaranteed to impress any new clients! Our concrete finishing can also increase your visual impact with our polished concrete service. If your business has a driveway for your customers use, it is important that it looks good! We can also offer full parking lot paving and repair, a damaged or unsightly parking lot is probably not the ideal experience for first time guests.

Concrete Curbing

To finish off the great looks of your new driveway paving we can install beautiful and practical concrete curbing. Not only will this add strength to your new driveway, it will also create a very great look. This can also be used to deter visitors from straying onto your lawn or other areas their car shouldn’t be. We can provide highly decorative concrete curbing at various heights to best suit your needs. Call us today for your driveway paving consultation.

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