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Stamped Concrete

house with outside patio

Stamped concrete is an ever increasing choice to provide attractive additions to our homes. Many of the property owners in Concorde, CA have selected stamped concrete for their patios and driveways. It is a quick and effective way to recreate the most beautiful of flooring. It is also so realistic that many people won’t even know that it isn’t really natural stone or granite. It can also be treated with a specialized water sealer that will leave it with a high gloss finish that will protect it from the elements for years. Concord Concrete Contractors can provide the most breathtaking of concrete finishing to create outstanding stamped concrete designs.

The Stamped Concrete Process

There are many forms of decorative concrete. Polished concrete is a popular choice, as is stamped concrete. The process of producing stamped concrete involves the preparation of the ground to remove any trace of weeds etc. A hardcore base or waterproof membrane can then be applied if required. The next stage is pouring concrete across the entire area which will then be leveled and smoothed. The stamping process can now begin. As the concrete begins to set we can make a series of indentations or lines to resemble the exact appearance of a paved area. It is also possible to add various aesthetic designs and even writing. Perhaps a welcome sign at the start of your driveway, it is all possible.

Stamped or Polished Concrete Floors?

Both options can create a stunning and decorative concrete floor. Your personal preference should be a high part of this decision. Both are suitable for many applications. A polished concrete floor is often a great indoor option for commercial buildings. Reception areas can deliver a great first impression for your potential customers or clients if the floor is well maintained and looking amazing. Polished concrete floors can also be beautiful in our homes, outdoor or inside! A polished concrete driveway, patio area or pool deck can all deliver the wow factor. Concord Concrete Contractors can develop the highest of shines possible. Polished or stamped concrete, the choice is yours!

Can Concrete walls be stamped?

All concrete structures can be stamped, patios, driveways and even concrete walls can be transformed into beautiful features. A thin layer of additional concrete can be applied to your existing concrete wall, as this dries the stamping process can be undertaken. With the addition of color to the concrete the affects can be amazing. Beautiful natural stone or brickwork walls can easily be replicated at a fraction of the cost. Even concrete curbing and stairs can be stamped or polished.

Will Stamped Concrete increase my Homes Value?

A professionally installed and high quality stamped concrete driveway will indeed raise your properties value when compared to a standard concreted area. The percentage increase will depend on the size of the area and the quality of your stamped concrete. A beautifully concrete stamped driveway will also create a fantastic first impression of your property for any potential buyer!

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